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“We are dedicated to the education of Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Healthcare Providers.”

In addition to individual and group instruction, camps, clinics and coaching clinics are all a part of our ultimate mission. We see injured athletes to assess possible mechanical and/or physical limitations that may have led to the injury. We see healthy athletes who want to prevent injury, and we see athletes who just want to take their games to the highest level possible.




  • Video Analysis
  • Individual Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Remote Video
  • Camps/Clinics







  • Pitching Drills
  • Scapular Exercises
  • Fastpitch Chat Show







  • Sport-Specific Training
  • Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Training Documents
  • Assessments





Jennie Finch Testimonial

Dr. Sherry Werner has been analyzing my mechanics since I was 10 years old. I have been to Tulane twice, what an incredible place. I have seen nothing like it when it comes to the whole package of a Sports Medicine Facility. The Doctors there checked Casey and I out, now the Physical Therapist John is writing us a program. Dr. Werner has been vital to my career and luckily I have seen her just to examine my mechanics, and prevent any injuries. Dr. Werner is the Doctor behind my pitching mechanics and the one who has helped my dad create and teach safe mechanics, also did the study on the Finch Windmill.

Jennie Finch / Team USA #27

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