The Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy is dedicated to providing an environment for athletes to succeed in softball through the use of scientifically- and medically-based, sport-specific training techniques. Emphasis will be placed on improving the athletes’ softball skills and maintaining a healthy career. The Academy is also committed to the education of athletes, parents, coaches, sports medicine providers and the general public. By assembling a nationally-renowned team of coaches, strength and conditioning specialists and sports medicine clinicians, the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy will offer a one-stop shop to meet the needs of every client and will strive to make each athlete the best she can be.

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Dr. Sherry Werner

Dr. Werner is currently a biomechanics consultant with Sport Science Unlimited and a pitching instructor at the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy. She has held faculty positions at the Tulane University School of Medicine, the Department of Physical Therapy at Louisiana State University, Tulane University Department of Biomedical Engineering and the UTA Department of Kinesiology.

She has held research positions at the United States Olympic Training Center (Colorado Springs, CO), the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL, the Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation in Vail, CO, the Tulane Institute for Sports Medicine in New Orleans, LA and at TMI Sports Medicine in Arlington, TX. She also currently consults with Ben Hogan Sports Medicine in Fort Worth, TX. She received a MS degree in Biomechanics from Indiana University in 1989 and a PhD in Biomechanics from The Pennsylvania State University in 1995. She was selected to the COSIDA Academic All-American Softball Team while earning a bachelors degree from Slippery Rock University.

Dr. Werner’s research has focused on the effects of throwing motions at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Past projects include data collection and analysis of Major League Baseball pitchers videotaped during spring training, data collection and analysis of elite softball pitchers during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA and an analysis of National Football League quarterbacks videotaped at the Denver Broncos’ practice facility. She also led researchers in collecting high speed video, force plate and muscle activity data from professional golfers at Greg Norman’s annual Shark Shootout golf tournament. More recently her research efforts have been directed toward Big XII quarterbacks and pitchers. Sherry also released instructional windmill pitching DVD’s with Jennie Finch in 2011 and 2014.


Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy

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Directions: It's a big red barn on the eastbound access road of I-20 about 1 mile east of the intersection of I-20 and Business 287. You will see playground equipment on the hill behind the barn.


Instructor Bio's

Chelsea Durrett Softball Trainer

Chelsea Durrett

Chelsea has been a softball instructor since 1997 when she played at the University of Texas and worked their softball camps and clinics. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, she continued to give hitting lessons throughout North Texas. She has helped numerous players receive college scholarships and achieve their goals. Chelsea started working with Dr Sherry Werner in 2004 and became a dedicated student and instructor of Sherry's in 2011. She shares Sherry's same goals to teach safe and effective pitching mechanics with every pitcher she sees.

Kasey Ketelhut

Kasey Ketelhut

Kasey is from Andrews, Texas where she played softball since she was 8 years old. She played at Andrews High School, where she earned All-District Honors the first two years the program was UIL as a catcher. Her junior year her team finished as Regional Finalists and her senior year her team finished as State Semi-Finalists. She continued her playing career at the University of Texas Permian Basin where she received a full academic scholarship. There she received All-Conference honors her senior year and was selected the Offensive Player of the year all three years she played. Kasey has a BA in Humanites and Fine Arts and a MA in Special Education. She coached high school softball for 8 years, 6 of which she was a head coach. She currently lives in Amarillo, Texas where she has been a pitching instructor for 2 years and teaches 3rd Grade. Her family includes her husband Matt, and her four boys Jaxson, Jagr, Aiden, and Ryan.

Kaitlyn Leeds

Kaitlyn Leeds

Kaitlyn was a four-year varsity starter at Kennedale High School where she played pitcher. In her time at KHS she made academic all-district all four years, Pitcher of the Year and all-state 1st team her senior year. She also played select softball for eleven years and was recruited to play at the University of Texas at Tyler. She is now working to earn a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Houston with a minor in energy and sustainability.

Taylor Mathison

Taylor Mathison

Taylor has been a pitching instructor under the supervision of Dr. Sherry Werner since 2010. She focuses on teaching a safe and effective pitching motion based on biomechanical research analysis conducted by Dr. Werner. Taylor was a four-year varsity starter at Weatherford High School where she played pitcher and first base. In her time at WHS she made academic all-state and joined the team as three-time district champions. She also played select softball for six years and ended her competitive career with Batbusters 18U Gold at a national tournament in California. She then worked to earn a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science with an emphasis on Health Promotion from Texas Tech University in 2016. Taylor minored in psychology. Taylor also holds an American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR and AED certification.

Steve McNemar

Steve McNemar

Ten years ago Steve’s youngest daughter and step-daughter starting playing softball He decided to coach and an addiction was formed that has grown into a great love of the game and of the players who work hard every day to be great at it. As he followed the usual coaching progression from Rec Ball to Travel Ball he attended as many coaches’ clinics as he could attend. He became an avid student of the game but was most interested in proper player mechanics. It was his step-daughter’s decision years ago to become a pitcher that really cemented where the core of his focus would lie. As he spent hundreds of hours listening to instruction from Dr. Sherry Werner and her local instructor at the time, Harold Markham, he became fascinated with Dr. Werner’s system of teaching highly effective mechanics while remaining mechanically safe and sound.Today when he’s not running the business he’s owned for the past 18 years in Mandeville, LA, he loves nothing more than to give back to the sport that has brought his family so much enjoyment.It does not matter to him if it’s a D1 pitcher who needs some help with their screw ball or a 12U pitcher trying to increase velocity. If they are willing to do the work he is willing to work hard alongside of them.Steve was instrumental in helping Dr. Werner establish the remote analysis tool that is being rolled out in 2016 and we are all looking forward to helping more students more often.

Kim Nunez

Kim Nunez

Kim is a native of Madisonville, LA. She grew up in Carriere, Mississippi attending Pearl River Central High School. Kim received a softball scholarship to Pearl River Community College. After playing two year for Pearl River she transferred to University of Southern Mississippi. While at Southern Mississippi she became the student manager for the softball team and later became the Graduate Assistant Coach under Head Coach Howard Dobson. Kim then became the Assistant Coach at her Alma Mater, Pearl River. Kim served as the Assistant Coach for 3 seasons where she worked with pitchers, hitters, and infielders. Now Kim is working at St. Charles Catholic High School where she teaches Math and Science and is the Assistant Coach for the softball team. Kim works directly with pitchers at St. Charles. She also continues to teach hitting and pitching in the Madisonville, LA area.


We wanted to let you know about Ivy’s pitching a couple of weeks ago. She threw 11 pitches that inning and had 9 strikes We knew you would like to know. Just wanted to encourage you in what you do. You build hearts as well as the mechanics. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to build a great young lady.

Carolyn Watson

We have great respect for Dr. Werner's ability to get the top pitching performance from our daughter. Sherry has added speed and additional pitches to Lauren's game while continuing to focus on her strengths. Lauren always enjoys her interactions with Sherry on both the personal and athletic levels. Dr. Werner's technical capabilities are outstanding and her nurturing style gets the most from our pitcher.

Jim Grant

Sherry Werner's coaching has been able to keep my daughter injury free, steadily improving in speed and pitch type since we began working with her over the last 2 years. Laura had chronic shoulder pain prior to meeting with Coach Sherry, her strengthing advice and metered/controlled lessons kept Laura from problems since. Coach Sherry in the lab setting was able to suggest small changes in step, hip turn and windmill to advance Laura's speed. Her clear, concise instruction allowed Laura to master the peel drop, increase her speed from 48-52mph range to the consistent 56-59 mph with spikes of 61 in games, as well as learn the fundamentals of the curve and screwball. Coach Sherry's constant encouragement and instruction has developed Laura's pitching to the point where she is being noticed. At the last tournament there was another proud parent moment when at least 8 coaches and two umpires where standing behind home plate watching her work.It is without the least bit of hesitation that I can say that coach Sherry played a large part in ensuring my daughter's future as a successful pitcher which brings a great deal of joy to both her and us. While the push for development had always been a part of coach Sherry's instruction, the lesson was balanced being both enjoyed and as weekly meeting for progress updates with. Again in summary coach Sherry has instilled a lasting approach to learning fast pitch softball. Teaching pitching is one of Sherry’s callings.

Jim Ricciardone

We saw results immediately and continuous improvement the entire time we received lessons. Mallory was not only taught the throwing part of pitching, but also the mental part, endurance training and most importantly things to help avoid injury which if you can remember was one of our biggest concerns. I don't know the numbers, but I also know several other girls have made the trip to Texas for continued lessons, which is a testament in itself. We are still looking forward to making our first trip which we will do in a heartbeat whenever we can. I never have seen my daughter work as hard for anyone and leave as happy as she did and was more than eager to go back to the next lesson.

Jeff Kraft

My Step-Daughter has been blessed to work with Dr. Sherry for several years now. Not only has she been able to experience a good deal of success in the circle as a result of the mechanics taught by Dr. Sherry-she has been able to due so injury free-well injury free from pitching anyway:) Dr. Sherry was also able to diagnose a physical issue which prevented my step-daughter from reaching her maximum potential that we were then able to correct in a short period of time with the exercises Dr. Sherry prescribed. While this clinic may seem expensive when you consider the costs of travel ball not to mention the total additional investment in pitching training and the costs of possible or current physical therapy this clinic is a no-brainer for the parent of a daughter who wishes to pitch at the next level and to get there injury free.

Steve McNemar

My daughter has been taking lessons from Sherry Werner for over a year now and she is great! We throw 2 to 3 times a week, that includes a lesson and it has worked miracles. When we first started pitching (8U) all the way up to last September, it was always, “we need to throw 85-100 pitches 5 to 6 days a week.” Not with Dr. Werner, she really teaches a kid to pitch with a PURPOSE, to work for QUALITY not QUANTITY. I would suggest that everyone with a DD who pitches to read that article and to google Dr. Werner. She's a great instructor and is always looking out for the girls best interest!!

Kaderka /

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with you and all your staff. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. It is a great relief to me to know that Annie can continue to pitch safely. Annie is so excited that she has new strategies to regain her former speed and continue to improve. She is still in tryouts for high school. The teams will be announced tomorrow (they haven't even seen anyone pitch or bat yet….Welcome to Connecticut). Please extend our thanks to all your staff, especially Jason and Nick, Annie really connected with everyone.

Again, thank you, we are thrilled to be part of your team.

Mary and John Graikoski

My daughter was asked to participate in a study of high school fastpitch pitchers in her freshman year. That is when we met Dr. Sherry Werner. She was heading this study. It was with great excitement when she agreed to give my daughter pitching lessons. My daughter is a small girl; 5 foot 2 inches tall and weighs a little over one hundred pounds. When she first started pitching lessons, she pitched in the low forties. After the first lesson, Dr. Werner stated that she could raise my daughter's speed up to the high fifties.

Dr. Werner's teaching practices and steady workouts did just that. My husband and I were amazed in the way Dr. Werner not only gave my daughter better pitching knowledge and aptitude, but she also gave her the confidence that she lacked. Never once has Dr. Werner's voice raised, nor has she ever made any negative comments; everything is on the “possible scale.”

Dr. Werner's pitching lessons do not end when we leave her complex. My daughter is given a calendar with exercises that she is to do daily to help in her improvement. This calendar is made to enhance her daily activities, not disturb them. Dr. Werner believes that she is on my daughter's schedule and not the other way around. Actually pitching lessons are scheduled at my daughter's convenience. We have had pitching lessons at night and on weekends.

We are made to feel that we are the most important people in Dr. Werner's life. I know all of her other students feel the same way, because it has been said many times. She has attended many functions, games, etc. that her students are associated with. My daughter has even called Dr. Werner during a softball game when her pitches were not working correctly and Dr. Werner returned her call immediately offering the help necessary for her to be successful. Finally, Dr. Werner's love of softball and the girls' futures are evident. She goes above and beyond, molding these girls' pitching abilities and morals to the highest standards possible.

Pati P. Tregre

The Motion Analysis/biomechanical evaluation by Sherry and Curt Sanders of Ron’s “swing” (Batting Mechanics) 4 weeks ago was so much more valuable than I can put into words. This past fall Ron literally could not hit the ball; in practice or games. He struggled so badly they took him out of the DH spot on the roster during crucial games.

Sherry and Curt did 4 things: (1) identified Ron’s mechanical problems (some of which other hitting instructors/coaches and pro players told Ron about in the past); (2) clearly communicated to Ron what needed to be done to correct the mechanical issues; (3) but most importantly, Curt Sanders actually showed Ron how to change/correct the problems; and (4) got the perfect result. Curt has corrected the problems. The performance is phenomenal. Ron now routinely hits balls out of his HS field (deep Right – Center) and his other at bats are all hard hits somewhere. His coach keeps batting averages for the varsity players in practice for roster evaluation (Ron is hitting over .775 using a wood bat).

Other hitting coaches/instructors in the past have all tried to tell Ron he has a “great swing” but was doing things wrong. They did not know how or did not work to fix the problems. We spent many hours and $$$ going for lessons, but the problems persisted. Sherry’s evaluation was our last best hope. They had Ron hitting the baseball harder than I have ever seen him hit before. Their personality and interaction with players is exceptional. In 3 weeks Ron was hitting the ball so well that the coaches are asking Ron what he has done since fall. I wish you all could see the results. Bottom line: many thanks for all you people are doing for my son. I am grateful.

Mike Marciniak


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